It’s time to call in the specialists!

PERFORMANCE can no longer remain just an afterthought

Users are unforgiving and expect world-class performance

Are your software and hardware geared up for the same?

Performance issues can lead to

Revenue losses

With every extra second of page load time you lose users, transactions and revenue.

Crashes or downtime can even lead to reputation damage and exit of loyal customers

Cost escalations

Often, performance is looked at only when problems start
to crop up

But the cost of fixing performance related issues increases exponentially as you move down the SDLC.


Heavy rework can result in delayed releases and lost competitive advantage

Repeated delays and lack of confidence in releases can throw your market strategy completely off-track.

Difficulties with
next-gen tech

A lack of performance focus will make it difficult for you to move to new technologies like mobile, cloud and big data.

Early adoption of Performance Engineering tenets will help you become future-ready.

Zensoft sees Performance Engineering as a science

as well as an art and follows a 3-stage approach


This is the stage that several organizations dabble in, to some extent. It requires the use of various profiling and monitoring tools and it is relatively easy to find people trained in such tools.

Having said that, it’s not as simple as just running a few load tests.

You have to consider a variety of tools, scenarios, profiling mechanisms and configurational parameters to define the right strategy.

Zensoft’s highly experienced Performance Engineering team understands your business purpose and then designs thorough investigations customized to your needs.


This is a crucial stage, requiring a deep understanding of Performance Engineering.

Just like in medical practice, the correct diagnosis can lead to improved health, while an incorrect diagnosis can leave you floundering.

You can choose to make symptoms temporarily disappear by adding expensive hardware, but that’s a short-sighted (and costly) approach.

With a focus on root-cause analysis, the Zensoft team strips each application into its 6 architectural layers for deeper analysis and for pinpointing the trouble areas.


Armed with a diagnosis and a set of recommendations, it’s now time to make the required changes.

This includes reconfiguration of various units as well as infra addition where needed.

Zensoft’s Performance Engineers work with the complex interplay of software and hardware components much like a composer works with an orchestra.

They will tune the system to satisfactory levels, benchmark all aspects of hardware and software infrastructure, and continuously monitor for any adverse variations.

Zensoft offers
the following Performance Testing services :


Work load Modeling

Non Functional
Requirements and SLA

Tooling & Performance
Engineering best

POC's and Issue






Static code review

Client side analysis

Shift left Performance testing

Production monitoring (Synthetic)







Baseline / Benchmarking

Load / Stress / Endurance / Spike test

Scalability / Breakpoint test

Mobile Device







Failover / Resiliency Testing

Load Balancer Testing

Hardware / Software optimization





Zensoft promotes a shift from
the Process of Performance Testing to
the Culture of Performance Engineering.

This entails providing continuous and proactive testing services right from the software design stage in collaboration with
system architects, to the development and QA stages with the corresponding teams.

Zensoft also provides consultancy services to help you make Performance Engineering an integral part of your organization.

Zensoft provides end-to-end
solutions for everything
related to Performance.

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